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Interviews on Difficult Listening

Antoinette Carrier: Fracture and Weft

Jeremy Segal: Generative Music

Gabriella Smart: Inner Cities

Nathan Thompson: Liminal Fields

Dobromila Jaskot: Gesture Driven

Nick Ashwood & Laura Altman: Battery

Annette Krebs: Imagined Sounds

Mark Cain: Music Of Changes

Mirren Strahan: Meeting Points

Jim Denley: The Potential Of Place

Laura Altman: Thriving Networks

Emmanuelle Zagoria: Acoustic Language

Outside The Fence 2: Conversations with artists from the South-West

Suspended On Air: Anaxios

Gatherings Underground: Vetch and Trebt

Alex Turner: Location and Process

Cissi Tsang: Sound Mapping

Eugene Ughetti: Performing Landscape

Isabel Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger

James Hullick: The Widening Medium

Robin Fox: Steps Across The Border

Gracie Smith: Analogue Terrain

Ouside The Fence 1: Conversations with artists from the South-West

Josten Myburgh & Jameson Feakes: A Place For Two

Dominik Karski

Symczycz & Jacobs

Special Radio Programs


Out Of Chaos:  Twentieth Century Poetry. RTRFM92.1, March 2020

Around The Edges: Australian Experimental Music. RTRFM92.1, February 2019

Latin Chronicle: Latin American Music. RTRFM92.1, April 2018

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