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List of works

Surface array (2018) for trumpet, electronics, and four speakers. Commissioned by Ben Lim.

Procession (2017) a series of outdoor improvised performances.

Flaneur (2017)  for trumpet, voice, and electronics (max/msp).

Soccer Dance (2017) for three actors and mixed ensemble.

Amplified Garage (2017) for amplified garage door and mixed ensemble.

Ghost (2017)  for bass clarinet, alto flute and electric guitar.

Ropavejero (2017) for video projection, two musicians and two performers.

El Hablador (2016)  for ensemble and electronics ('no input mixer' and max/msp).

El Brujo (2016)  for ensemble, actor, and electronics (max/msp).

Flock (2016)  for any number of instruments.

Veneers (2016)  for laptop ensemble (max/msp).

Corner (2016)  for trumpet, electric guitar and electronics (max/msp).

Vaiven (2016)  for vibraphone, woodwind, percussion, electric guitar, and electronics (max/msp).

Dweller (2016) acoustmatic piece.

Coplas (2015) for saxophone quartet and percussion.

Altura (2015) for electric guitar and electronics.

Gerygone (2015) for violin, flute, trumpet, electric guitar, and percussion.

Vocalization (2015) for electric guitar, trumpet and double bass.

Street Murmur (2014) for trumpet, cello and double bass.

Conch (2014) acoustmatic piece.

Music For Oswaldo (2014) for woodwind, strings, piano and percussion.

Matraca (2014) for Surround 7.1 Installation.


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